If you don’t know me already then allow me to introduce myself;

I’m Cat, I’m a session drummer – I currently play with KT Tunstall & before that with Mogwai (& a few more prior to that 😺), I have a degree in music & I’ve toured the world many times. When I’m home from tour I teach masterclasses in universities so this isn’t my first teaching rodeo! Check out my biog for more info.

Like many other people in my industry I have lost 100% of my work due to CoronaVirus which is why I am now offering ‘Cat-Land Online Tuition’!

Whether you would like a one off intensive masterclass, weekly lessons or shorter daily lessons I’m offering a range of options to suit every budget (& every currency € $ ) including ‘Pay what you can afford’ Lessons for people who’s jobs have been affected by the virus! – E-mail me to book now from where ever in the world you may be.

  • 1 hour = £35 
  • 45 Mins = £30 
  • 30mins = £25
  • 15 mins = £15

Fire me an e-mail at to book or fill out a contact form here!

Lessons can be via whichever platform you prefer; Zoom (is generally best), Skype, Facebook video, WhatsApp video etc – Wherever you are in the world!

All lessons are 1:1 & will include PDF downloads of what we are learning during the lesson & e-mail follow ups.

Get to grips with whatever you’re into including, but not limited to;

  • All aspects of drumming from beginner to advanced, in any style (at any age!)
  • How to program drums.
  • How to add hybrid drums into your set-up.
  • Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with drumming & want to take your playing to the next level?
  • Maybe you want to build your own drum machine?
  • Play Prog-Rock in tons of time signatures?!
  • Or perhaps you’d like a drum mentor to work towards turning your hobby into your career.

Basically if you let me know what you’d like to learn then I’ll make it happen.

Incase you haven’t seen my (fairly silly) advert complete with robo-cartoon cats and banging soundtrack; you can watch it here.

Let’s turn a negative into a positive, we may be cooped up – but when life gives you lemons.. learn a new skill!