2022! TEXAS & KT Tunstall

2022 kicked off with a bang as I brought in the new year playing with TEXAS on BBC 1 Scotland – you can watch some of our performance here!

Shortly after that we jumped straight into the studio to begin rehearsals for the huge 3 month European tour. In-between rehearsing and setting off on tour I ran away with KT Tunstall for a week to play in Cancun, Mexico at Brandi Carlisle’s music festival. Needless to say we had an amazing time and I arrived back slightly jet-lagged but jumped straight onto the TEXAS tour… we had an amazing 3 months playing theatres, arenas and bouncing around Europe and the UK.

Huge thanks to Roland for supplying me with a TM6 PRO and triggers allowing me to trigger all the original TEXAS drum samples from my kit. Another big thanks to Sabian for keeping me stocked with best cymbals around.