May ’14 – Paris, teaching, rehearsals & electronics.

May has been a crazy busy month for me, here’s some of what I was getting up to..

The Bainbridge Youth Music program in Leith is well underway and both the Friday & Saturday classes are going swimmingly. The guys bashed out cover songs like pro’s in the first class and now individual bands are beginning to form and original music is being written, sounding good!

I spent a couple of days in Paris in mid May, playing for Movin’ Melvin Brown again. Another fun show in a beautiful French theatre with a sold-out, stage invading audience. #PerksOfTheJob.

Towards the end of May I hit the studio with Taj Wyzgowski and Nico Bruce to track drums for Taj’s upcoming EP. Looking forward to hearing the results of that one, it’s always fun stuff to play.

Discopolis moved into a rehearsal room all of our own to begin working on our new live show. Things are going slowly but steadily. The drum parts are quite complex and a few of the new tunes see me playing bass and guitar lines on my SPDSX alongside the drum parts.. It’s a bit of a mind boggle but it’s all coming together nicely!