If you don’t know me already then allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Cat, I’m a session drummer – I currently play with KT Tunstall and before that with Mogwai (and a few more prior to that 😺), I have a degree in music and I’ve toured the world many times. When I’m home from tour I teach masterclasses in universities and drum clinics! Check out my biog for more info.

Like many other people in my industry I have lost my touring work due to coronavirus which is why I am now offering Zoom online tuition!

Whether you would like a one off intensive masterclass or weekly lessons, I’m offering a range of options  –  E-mail me to book now from where ever you may be. (I have students across the world!)

  • 1 hour = £35 
  • 45 Mins = £30 
  • 30mins = £25
  • Special offer – buy 9 lessons get the 10th free!

Fire me an e-mail at cat@catmyers.com to book or fill out a contact form here!

Lessons can be via whichever platform you prefer (although Zoom is generally best) – Wherever you are in the world!

Enjoy 1:1 exciting lessons tailored to your needs, with PDF downloads of what we learned and e-mail follow ups.

Get to grips with whatever you’re into including (but not limited to):

  • All aspects of drumming from beginner to advanced, in any style (at any age!)
  • Perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with drumming and want to take your playing to the next level?
  • Work your way through the Rockschool graded exams and earn yourself certificates and UCAS points in the process.
  • Get to grips with incorporating electronics into your playing, using a Roland SPDSX, creating & triggering samples, explore a hybrid set-up and how it can add to your playing.
  • Learn how to write drum parts, perform live and take your drumming to the next level.
  • How to program drums.
  • How to add hybrid drums into your set-up.
  • Maybe you want to build your own drum machine?
  • Or perhaps you’d like a drum mentor to work towards turning your hobby into your career.

Basically if you let me know what you’d like to learn then I’ll make it happen.

I have 27 years experience playing drums and over 16 years experience teaching. I’m a Roland artist, a Sabian artist and I’ve learned from some of the most renowned drummers. My students have a 100% pass rate for London Trinity Rockschool graded exams.

Incase you haven’t seen my (fairly silly) lockdown advert complete with robo-cartoon cats and banging soundtrack, you can watch it here.

Let’s turn a negative into a positive, we may be cooped up – but when life gives you lemons.. learn a new skill!