Drummer / Samples / Backing Vox

Touring drummer April 2021 – Present.

Appeared on BBC’s ‘The One Show” and ‘The Graham Norton Show’, Radio 2’s ‘Breakfast show with Zoe Ball’ and Chris Evans Virgin Radio Show. We’re touring throughout 2022.

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall

Drummer / Samples / Backing Vox

Touring drummer for KT Tunstall from Sep 2018 – 2021. Re-created her new album using samples for the live shows, I triggered multiple samples alongside playing drums. We toured UK, Europe, North America & Japan.



Touring Drummer / Samples

I was the touring drummer for Mogwai between Sep 2017 & July 2018 standing in for their drummer Martin Bulloch who was ill. We did a full campaign; touring UK, Europe, Australia, North America, South America & Asia. See video’s ‘here’.

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“What. A. Fucking. Drummer. DANG Smash Cat, you SLAYED this tour! Thank you for forever keeping a badass groove on the best tour life evaaaa!”

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall

Twitter, 04/04/2019
Mogwai borrowed Honeyblood’s drummer Cat Myers
There was a different – yet familiar – face joining Mogwai on stage at Maida Vale. Cat from fellow Scots Honeyblood proved a more than capable stand-in, in the absence of Martin Bulloch. Stuart said in an interview before going on stage: “Martin hurt his back a few weeks ago, Cat’s come in the last minute and just played and played and played. It’s sounding good I think!”
BBC 6 Music / Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai)

BBC 6 Music / Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai)

BBC 6 Music Sep 2017

“Alex [Mackay], who’s been playing guitar, and Cat are amazing musicians. You only really need to show them how to play something once and they’ve got it”

Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai)

Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai)

'Howl & Echoes' Interview 03/04/2018

“The real hero of the evening was drummer Cat Myers, just along for the tour, who lashed away at the skins with the sincerity of a religious flagellant. Sweating like a racehorse, Myers’s fervency and precision didn’t seem to decline at all across a two-hour set that demanded energetic drum work on almost every track.”

Mogwai Review –

Mogwai Review –


“Hey y’all! The young lady behind the drum kit is Cat Myers. She played on my recent UK tour and let me tell ya. . . she opened a 2 week can of serious whup ass!! Better hit da woodshed fellas, cuz this Gal can PLAY!!!”

Gregg Wright (Ex Michael Jackson Guitarist)

Gregg Wright (Ex Michael Jackson Guitarist)

Gregg's Facebook 12/09/2012
Check out some live video's here

My Work…

Original Music

As a composer I enjoy writing for bands, theatre and syncing. My work is largely instrumental and becomes more varied as I continue my ongoing journey into synth building & music technology. Check out my 'original music' page for more info.

Session work

I am available for all kinds of session work. Currently I'm playing for Texas & previously I toured the world with KT Tunstall & Mogwai. I can sightread, play by ear or create parts entirely, with or without click and as a Roland artist, triggering samples is my speciality.

Theatre Work

I've played as a multi-instrumentalist for a number of theatre productions, including plays for the 'National Theatre of Scotland' & Brooklyn's 'The Team'. I have also composed for a few - Check out my Original music page to find out which shows I've been involved in.
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Proud to be a Promark Artist!

In March I was over the moon to sign an artist agreement with Promark sticks! I have used Promark sticks throughout my career and those Shira Kashi 5b wood tip’s […]

2022! TEXAS & KT Tunstall

2022 kicked off with a bang as I brought in the new year playing with TEXAS on BBC 1 Scotland – you can watch some of our performance here! Shortly […]

April ’21 – Oct ’21 – New Band; playing with TEXAS

I got a call at the end of March asking if I could play a ‘Texas’ live stream gig 5 days later, typical time frame for me to learn a […]

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I'm a big nerd who lives and breathes music. Hit me up if you need some music/drums/programming & check out the rest of my site for more info! I proudly endorse Roland, Sabian Cymbals and Promark Sticks.

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