My Work…

Original Bands

I enjoy playing, writing & recording with original bands, examples of my work can be heard on Honeyblood's second album & Stillhound's first album. Scroll down to find out more.

Session work

I am available for all kinds of session work. Currently I'm playing for KT Tunstall & last year I toured the world with Mogwai. I can sightread, play by ear or create parts entirely, with or without click. Get in touch to find out more!

Drum Tuition

1 to 1 or group lessons for all ages and abilities. Set your own goals or rack up the grades. When I'm home from tour long enough to unpack my sticks, I teach! Skype lessons are available if we're not in the same place at the same time.


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Theatre Work

I've played drums for a number of theatre shows over the last couple of years, including productions for the National Theatre of Scotland. Check out my Blog & Biography to find out which shows I've been involved in.


I'm currently in the process of creating an e-book and an app based on a drum tuition book I wrote a few years ago. I'll post updates when it reaches completion.
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My Bands…



Drums/Bass/Samples/Backing Vox

I joined Honeyblood in September 2014 & we toured the UK, Europe, USA & Australia. I co-wrote & recorded the second album ‘Babes Never Die’. Find out more & listen ‘here‘.



Former Drummer/Electronic Percussionist

Stillhound are an electronic band I played & wrote with for a few years. I played an acoustic/electronic hybrid kit. Our debut album ‘Bury Everything’ came out in 2016. Find out more & listen ‘here‘!

What I’ve been up to..

Sep ’18-Dec ’18 – Touring UK & North America with KT Tunstall

GARBAGE UK TOUR– At the start of September I jumped on a quick UK Honeyblood Tour supporting Garbage. I’ve been a fan of Garbage since I was a kid so […]


I am super excited to announce that I’m now a Sabian Artist! This is a huge deal for me, I have been playing Sabian for the last 15 years & […]

Jan ’18 – July ’18 – Touring The World with Mogwai!

As Mogwai’s drummer ‘Martin Bulloch’ needed major surgery before he could get back behind the kit I stood in for him for another couple of tours. He was well enough […]

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Cat Facts..

( a guess?!) GIGS PLAYED

About me

I live and breathe drums, it's mostly all I'm good at. Hit me up if you need some drums & check out the rest of my site for more info!

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