Original music

As a composer I enjoy writing for bands, theatre and syncing. My work is largely instrumental and is becoming more varied, as my ongoing journey into music technology continues. Writing to order is something that excites me and I embrace the challenge of bringing image to life using music.

SoloDuring the pandemic I was able to focus on my writing and I am now producing a body of instrumental work which I am proud of. I have received huge support from both Gateshead Sage and Help Musicians. Contact me to hear examples of my most recent compositions.

Theatre – Over the last 6 years I have played and written music for a number of contemporary theatre productions and had the opportunity to work with some world class composers which has given me great insight into the world of theatre and composition. The most recent production I composed for was a Dance theatre show called ‘Totentanz’ by Shotput Theatre. I also composed the soundtrack to a podcast called ‘The Slow Dance’  by Shotput Theatre. I have listed the other productions I have been involved with at the bottom of the page.

Bands Examples of my work with bands can be found on two (very different) albums I co-wrote – Stillhound’s electronic debut album ‘Bury Everything’ and Honeyblood’s second rock/pop album ‘Babes Never Die’.

Below is a list of theatre I have been involved in;  The productions I have composed for are in black and the rest I played on as a multi-instrumentalist.

  • Nov 2019 – I Can Go Anywhere by Douglas Maxwell. Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. I recorded drums for the soundtrack.
  • April 2018 – One Life Stand by Eve Nicol. Middle Child Theatre, Hull. I co-wrote the music with James Frewer and Stina from my old band Honeyblood.  It features more of my more electronic work.
  • Aug 2016 – Anything That Gives Off Light – A collaboration between National Theatre of Scotland and Brooklyn’s the TEAM performed at Edinburgh International Festival. Featuring music by the Bengsons. I played drums, samples, synth, guitar and shruti box.
  • May 2016 – Glittered by Eve Nicol. Glasgow Theatre & Arts Collective. A duo of spoken word and drums which I developed and wrote for. A story about teenage friendships, rock concerts and the weird sexual habits of deep sea creatures.
  • September 2014 – Blabbermouth – National Theatre Scotland. Conceived and curated by Graham McLaren, Blabbermouth was a 12-hour live celebration of Scottish music and spoken word where invited artists, actors, politicians, journalists, sportspeople, singers and scientists will perform their favourite bit of Scottish writing.
  • July 2014 – The Tin Forest – National Theatre Scotland
  • June 2014 – Sports Day at The Citizens Theatre – a collection of new writing from some of Scotland’s best known playwrights and featuring songs written by ‘Sparrow and the Workshop’s Jill O’Sullivan, ‘Vaselines’ Eugene Kelly and Chemikal Underground boss Alun Woodward.
  • April 2014 – the development of ‘Square Go’ by Kieran Hurley, Gary McNair. My introduction into the world of theatre, I spent a week or so writing grooves, electronic beats and sound effects. The development was under the direction of Gareth Nicholls and with the support of Random Accomplice.