I’m a UK based session drummer. Playing live has taken me on multiple tours around the world and I’ve been lucky enough to play with some world class artists;

Since April 2021 I’ve been drumming for Scottish pop rock band Texas who have sold over 40 million records worldwide. Over the summer of 2021 we have appeared on BBC One’s ‘The One Show‘ and ‘The Graham Norton Show‘ as well as BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show with Zoe Ball and Chris Evan’s Virgin Radio Show. We are touring throughout 2022.

Between 2018-2021 I was the touring drummer for multi-award winning singer & musician KT Tunstall. We worked together to re-create her new album using samples for the live shows. That resulted in me triggering multiple samples alongside playing live drums, I had 5 pedals and 13 triggers! We did multiple headline tours in the UK, North America, Europe and Japan. We also supported Hall & Oates on a UK Arena Tour and played a big festival circuit including Glastonbury. 

From Sep 2017 – July 2018 I toured the world with post rock band Mogwai standing in on drums for their drummer Martin Bulloch who was ill.  I happened to be in Greece when I got the call for the gig, the next day I was on a flight home transcribing songs & a week later I played my first gig with them which just happened to be for BBC 6 Music at Maida Vale, you can check it out on my ‘Video’ page. We toured Europe, North America, South America,  Asia & Australia before finishing up playing the festival circuit in the summer. Check out my drum cam video of our headline set at Primavera!

Prior to that I had just come off a huge tour & campaign with my original band Honeyblood following the release of the album ‘Babes Never Die’ which I co-wrote. We toured the UK, America & Australia multiple times followed by the festival circuit in the summer including supporting Foo Fighters at Murrayfield Stadium. I played drums & bass with Honeyblood (triggering individual notes on my SPDSX), allowing us to play without a backing track.

I have also done a lot of work for The National Theatre of Scotland, playing full kit & creating & triggering samples & beats for a number of theatre shows. The latest theatre performance saw me playing; drums, bass, guitar, keys & triggering sound effects with an SPDSX and a midi foot controller… I like to keep busy.

I have been in and out of the studio my whole life and I’m just as happy playing with or without a click. I specialise in triggering samples alongside live kit and I’m proud to be a Roland Artist.  

I am available for all kinds of session work and touring. Below you can find a list of gear that I currently use. Feel free to get in touch (here) if you have any questions.

PS. When I’m home from tour I teach! Check out my Tuition page for more info.



I am extremely proud to endorse Roland, Sabian Cymbals & Promark Sticks

DW Drums Collector’s Series 14″ x 6.5 Concrete Snare Drum                      Tama Superstar Custom; 22”, 10”, (12”), 14” & 14” Snare

Gretsch Catalina Club; 16”, 8”, 10”, 13” & 12” Snare
Yamaha Musashi Japanese Oak Snare 12”

Electronic set-up;
Roland SPDSX with external triggers, Roland TM6 Pro, Roland TD17 electronic kit. Boss DB-90. Macbook Pro. Sensophonic in-ears.

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