March ’14 – Modular synths, Paris & London

I kicked off March with a trip down to London with Discopolis to work with legendary producer Gareth Jones in his Shoreditch studio. Not a bad way to kick a month off, especially with the modular synth jam, geek heaven.

A week later saw me playing the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh with Deer Lake. It was possibly our best gig so far, the new songs went down really well. We got some great photos, footage and it culminated in a ridiculous 8 bar ‘Jimmy Chamberlin’ style drum fill, great fun!

I was back in Paris over the weekend of 22nd March playing 2 sold out theatre shows with ‘Movin Melvin Brown’. It was an awesome weekend which culminated in a standing ovation in a beautiful Italian Theatre in Saint Quentin.