March ’16 – Theatre, France, Jazz Improv & a 10K?!

I have found myself writing this blog from a train.. again. This time I’m on a train from Paris to a small town in the north of France called Hirson. I’m playing a Jazz Festival there tomorrow evening with the all singing & tap dancing ‘Movin Melvin Brown’. Not a bad start to April!

March has flown by & has been a mix of teaching, learning tunes for various projects & working on my interactive tuition book/app/concept/thing! Aside from that I also did a spot of Jazz Improv at Click Clack Club in Henrys Cellar bar Edinburgh, which was great. It’s been a while since I got my jazz hands dirty so I was loving it.

I also spent a couple of days working in Glasgow for National Theatre of Scotland on a development of a new play. I can’t say much about it other than it’s quite dark & has lots of drums, always a pleasure working with NTS.

Oh & I signed up for a 10K in July. Not at all drum related but I’ve started jogging. Maybe it will improve my drumming? Maybe I’ll play faster? Maybe my hands with start to glow? Or perhaps my sticks will ignite? (Really hoping the latter is true) Anyway, these are all questions which will be answered in July.

Cats Backline FranceDW Kit Hirson France

Nothing like arriving in France to find a lovely DW kit with my name on, the french always make an effort! 😉