August ’16 – Edinburgh International Festival, Anything That Gives Off Light

At the end of July I went down to London to begin rehearsals for a theatre collaboration between National Theatre of Scotland and Brooklyn’s the TEAM called ‘Anything That Gives off Light’.

It was an awesome opportunity & it was great to work with the American composers Shaun & Abigail Bengson and fellow musicians Annie Grace & Maya Sharpe. I played drums, samples, synth, guitar and shruti box. You can check out my fairly bizarre set-up below…


After the initial couple of weeks in London we headed up the road to Glasgow for a tech week before starting the run in Edinburgh International Conference centre for the rest of August.



This is me deep in concentration whilst wearing a hat I affectionately named ‘Rocky’.






You can read more about ‘Anything That Gives Off Light’ here & you can check out a review of the show here. Below is a pic of me & my awesome band mates pulling shapes before a show.