Oct ’16 – USA Tour Time with Honeyblood

After arriving back from the first leg of our UK tour  I didn’t have too long to stick some washing on, get some sleep, squeeze in a couple of drum lessons & re-pack my bag.

We flew out to NYC on Oct 20th & were greeted to a mini heat wave which was very much appreciated. After sleeping off the jet lag & spending the weekend doing promo we hit up Baltimore to start the tour. After Baltimore we worked our way round the states East to West stopping off at Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago, Minneapolis (RIP Prince), Seattle, Portland, San Francisco & LA.

Due to the drives being so ridiculously long (3 whole days to drive from Minneapolis to Seattle) we spent almost 3 weeks in the states and got to see a whole load of Trump signs (pre-election) which was err.. depressing. However we also happened to be there for Halloween which was much more fun, massive pumpkins, tons of candy, ridiculous costumes.. Americans know how to do halloween. We found ourselves in small town Wisconsin on a night off & decided to rock up to the local bars Halloween party, not entirely sure how welcome we were but we had fun.. despite the amount of camo in the bar!

The gigs were pretty fun too. In fact we were pleasantly surprised to see a lot more people at our gigs than the last time we toured which was awesome. Touring is pretty hard work and not at all glamorous so when it seems to be working & you can see your audiences increasing it makes all the gas station dinners & scruffy motels worthwhile.

We finished up the tour in LA at the Echo & had an awesome night staying at a Honeyblood fans Air BnB which just so happened to be in Venice beach & have a Jacuzzi in the garden.. definitely the best way to end a tour!

Living it up in the Hot Tub!

You can see a bunch more photo’s in the gallery.