Aug ’19 – Japan, the last of the festivals with KT Tunstall & a Recording Session.

August began pretty awesomely with a red eye flight to Tokyo, it’s my second time visiting Tokyo. The last time I was there was with Mogwai last year & it continues to amaze me! It was somewhat of a flying visit staying for 4 days, playing one show with KT then flying home to finish off the last of the festival season.

We were truly spoiled in Japan; the people are unbelievably welcoming, the food was delicious, the weather was beautiful & the gig was a massive success! It was awesome having some free time for once to explore and meet up with old friends & new, so much love for Japan.

Once I arrived home with my suitcase full of matcha kit-kats, Shibuya baseball caps & some badass new clothes it was time to head off to play the last weekend of festivals. KT, Mandy & I played the Picturedrome at Holmfirth in Yorkshore followed by ‘Party at the Palace’ in Linlithgow, Scotland. The latter was touch and go for a while due to a lightning storm but after a slight delay we were allowed on stage & blasted out a really fun set to end our festival season.

At the end of August I jumped into Slateroom Studio studio up in Scotland for a session tracking drums for an album for a Manchester band. They were very happy for me to mainly ‘do my thing’ & everyone was really pleased with the end result; Happy Clients = Happy Cat! You can see a wee clip of the session below.